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Peripera, a beauty brand that was founded in 2006, targets young, independent women with makeup collections that emphasize vibrant lip, eye, and nail colors and are accompanied by similarly vibrant and trendy packaging.

The lip tints from the Korean cosmetics company, such as Ink The Velvet, Ink Airy Velvet, Ink Mood Matte Tint, Ink Mood Drop Tint, Ink The Tattoo, and Ink Tint Serum, are its most well-known products, along with lipsticks like Ink Airy Velvet Stick and Ink Mood Matte Stick. The Milk Blur Tone Up Cream, Oil Capture Cover Pact, Double Longwear Cover Cushion and Cover Concealer, and Ink V Shading and Highlighter are just a few of the outstanding base makeup items offered by peripera.