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Remington Shine Therapy Wide Plate Straightener - S8550


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Remington Shine Therapy Wide Plate Ceramic Hair Straighteners for Longer Thicker Hair with Morrocan Argan Oil - S8550

Treat your hair to some therapy with the Remington Shine Therapy Wide Plate Straightener that delivers beautifully sleek, shiny looking locks with every stroke

Shine On

The Remington Shine Therapy Wide Plate Straightener delivers results out of the salon and into your own home. The Advanced Ceramic coated wide plates not only give you smooth results with ultimate control and smooth glide through your hair, but they are also infused with luxurious Moroccan Argan Oil for silky, shiny results.

Shine Control

With heat settings from 150°C up to an impressive 235°C you can be in complete control of your styling. If your hair is coloured, bleached or you have fine hair, select a lower heat setting. For normal hair, opt for a mid-range temperature. And for those with coarse, thick or curly hair, turn up the heat to the maximum heat setting. The Shine Therapy Wide Plate Straightener boasts wide plates to ensure even pressure and maximum width distribution with every silky stroke.

Added Extras

The Remington Shine Therapy Wide Plate Straightener boasts a super-speedy heat up in just 15 seconds, so you’ll be ready to style in no time at all. A temperature lock function means that once you’ve selected your chosen temperature, you can be safe in the knowledge that it won’t change. And if you do forget to turn that switch off once you’ve finished styling, this straightener features an auto shut off after 60 minutes.

How to use

Before use, ensure the hair is clean, dry and tangle-free.

• For extra protection use a heat protection spray.
• Hairsprays contain flammable material - do not use while using this product.
• Section the hair prior to styling. Style the lower layers first.

1. Plug the product into the mains power supply. Press and hold the on button to switch on.
2. When your straightener is plugged in but not turned on the lock symbol B will come on to show that it is in standby mode.
3. Start styling on lower temperatures first. Select appropriate temperature for your hair type using the controls on the side of the product. Recommended Temperatures Temperature Hair type 150°C - 170°C Thin / fine, damaged or bleached hair 170°C - 200°C Normal, healthy hair 200°C - 235°C Thick and difficult to style hair
4. The temperature bars and digital display will stop flashing when the desired temperature is reached.
5. Working on one section at a time, run the straightener through the entire length of the hair without stopping.
6. Only repeat twice per section to prevent damage to the hair.
7. After use, press and hold the off button to turn off then unplug the appliance.

Temperature boost function

• For quick touch ups of stubborn, hard to style sections. The temperature boost function boosts the temperature to 235°C.
• Hold the ‘+’ button for 2 seconds to operate.

Caution: the highest temperature is not suitable for every hair type. If you plan to use this straightener on the boost setting of 235ºC please test on a small section of your hair first. Temperature Lock Function
• Set the desired temperature using the + and - buttons then lock the settings by pressing the “-” button for 2 seconds. The B symbol will appear on the temperature display.
• To unlock the temperature setting, press and hold the “-” button for 2 seconds.

Important info

• Advanced Ceramic coated plates infused with Moroccan Argan Oil • Wide (45mm) floating plates for even pressure on the hair • Digital temperature display • Nine temperature settings 150°C – 230°C • Fast heat up in 15 seconds

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