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Premium Makeup Brushes 12pcs with Bag


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Makeup Brushes 12pcs Soft Glitter Premium Synthetic Blending Eyeshadow Highlighter Foundation Makeup Brush Set INEEDU Cosmetic Grape Purple with Bag

The makeup brushes sets contains foundation brushes, blush brushes, concealer brushes, eyeshadow brushes, flat brushes, powder brushes, eyebrow brushes and blending brushes etc. This makeup brush kit meets all your makeup needs.

The lacquered solid wood handle adds pearlescent light and beautiful external light, High-quality wood material provides the best control.

Different size and shape of brushes in a cosmetic case. Great for silhouettes, blends, shadows, and highlights. Make-up brushes set is perfect for both beginners and professional makeup artists, and suit for travel and business trip.

  • Surface micron-level crystal structure, highly efficient sticky powder, not easy to shake off.
  • Soft fiber bristles make makeup easy and comfortable, the thick aluminum tube material is more durable.
  • The lacquered solid wood handle adds pearlescent powder, make makeup brushes look more advanced.
  • Every girl who loves beauty should have a set of such makeup brushes.

How to clean makeup brushes?

1. Prepare a container and pour soapy water.
2. Soak the bristles, and clean the bristles in the container with a circular motion and gentle hand.
3. Rinse with clean water.
4. Dry the makeup brush with paper towels.
5. Air-dry the make up brush set, spread the brush flat on a paper towel to dry, preferably in a ventilated place.

Method to extend brush life

1. Wash the makeup brush once a month, and the foundation brush can be washed once a week if you use it frequently.
2. Wipe the brush with a paper towel before and after use, which can extend the life of the makeup brush set.
3. When you don’t use the makeup brush for a long time, you should also use a net cover to store it flat, so that it can effectively prevent dust.


Wooden Handles+Aluminum Tubes+Soft Fiber Bristles

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