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GREEN MONSTER - Young Skin Fish Collagen Peptide ( 2g*30ea )


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GREEN MONSTER Youthful Skin Collagen Peptide ( 2g*30ea )

The product contains high content of low molecular (512 Da) collagen peptides. The collagen powder is made of fish young skin. The content of collagen is 3207mg per stick! Enjoy an effective inner beauty product for a flawless skin look!

[Fish Collagen Peptide] Helps protect the skin from UV-induced damage / Helps hydrate the skin. Provides sufficient amount of fish colagen peptide to meet daily recommendation. Has lemon taste to help you enjoy it.

-Those looking for fast collagen digestion.
-Those worried about dry skin.
-Low molecular fish collagen has a high absorption rate.
-Sub ingredients: hyaluronic acid, elastin, and 39 organic raw materials.
-The daily intake of 3,207mg meets the functional content recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
-Safe individual package and tasty lemon flavor.
-Daily collagen intake is an essential part of the anti-age skincare and beauty routine.

Nutrition Facts

-Daily Intake: 2 tablets (4g)
-(Percentage(%) Daily Value : Ratio to the standard daily nutritional value)
-Calories: 15kcal
-Carbohydrate 1g or less (0%)
-Protein 3g (5%)
-Fat 0g (0%)
-Sodium 0mg (0%)
-Gly-Pro-val-Gly-Pro-Ser 2.7141mg

Directions and Cautions

[Daily Intake and How To Take] Take a pouch at a time, with water, twice daily.


- If you have allergies or a specific constitution, check the ingredients before use.

- Take cautions for use when used for infants, children, pregnant or nursing women.

- Take cautions for use when you have specific health conditions (allergic constitution)

- When used for children, adult supervision is required because there is the risk of chocking.


Fish Collagen Peptide (Collagen Peptide, Citric Acid / India), Dextrin,Xylitol,Dextrose Anhydrous,Lemon Extract Powder (Lemon Concentrate: Argentina) Enzymatically Modified Stevia,Lemon Lime Mix Powder (Dextrin, Hyaluronic Acid), Hyaluronic Acid Mix Formula (Dextrin, Hyaluronic Acid)Hydrolyzed Elastin, 11 Kinds of Organic Berry Mix Powder 0.1%, 15 Kinds of Organic Fruit and Vegetable Mix Powder 0.1%, 13 Kinds of Organic Vegetable Mix Powder 0.1%)

Cautions for Consumer Safety

If you have allergies or a specific constitution, check the ingredients before use.

*Store it in a cool temperature.

*Keep it away from children.

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