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Happy with the purchase and a great cleanser


This face wash is amazing. It's a little more watery in consistency than gel like. I have extremely sensitive skin but never had any burning or irritation from this product. I have seen a significant improvement in my skin, my scars are fading skintone is more even and skin looks less congested. Will definitely purchase this product again

Great for fading pigmentation and acne spots

Love this product! Second bottle purchased. Had previous experience with Retinoids - that is why I started with the 5%. You can notice a visible difference after a few uses. So be patience great for stubborn spots that would take ages to fade without treatment

Great Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Great cleanser for sensitive skin. Does not strip away the natural moisture and keep your face feeling fresh

In my mid thirties, not having used products my whole life due to sensitive skin, I was encouraged when I started reading about clean products and found this gem. It is non irritating, no fragrance included and my skin is loving it. I have now used it for a couple of weeks and my skin is clearer and healthier looking which is exactly what I wanted. I recommend. :)
p.s The lid is tricky to figure out at first. Open lid, twist, squeeze, twist back and close. That's how it works. Twisting is needed.

Very good

That product is soo good.

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100% original products

Best & original products,, highly recommended ❤️❤️

100% original products

Best & original products,, highly recommended

Absolutely love this!

I bought this after trying out a sample they sent me. And I absolutely loved how it felt on my skin 😍 it helps with acne too. Will definitely buy this again!

Very good

A very good sunscreen. Stays well under make up. Doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy or oily. A matte finish. It leaves a little bit of white cast on the skin but it doesn’t bother me much.

I’m loving it

Works perfect on my normal-oily skin. Does now make my skin oily. Absorbs instantly. Absolutely Love this moisturizer

One the besttt product for acne and scars

Good product. Good for oily skin as well

Good product using for more than 10 years


I've been looking for this everywhere and finally found it. I love this product! I only use it once a day but noticed a difference. My acne scars are fading and any active acne becomes less inflamed. It's helped me with the fight against maskne. Will definitely buy the bigger version next time

Love it

Always wondered what the hype about this was but now I understand. It helps exfoliate even the most cracked lips gently leaving it feeling smooth and supple. Will definitely order the bigger size next time

1 of best sunscreen

1 of my favourite, my skin type is normal-dry/resilient

Best cleanser!❤️

I have an oily acne prone skin and this worked so well on my skin. It cleans excess oil and dirt without over drying my skin. My skin feels smooth, clean and hydrated after using this 😍


It was good. But gives a slight white cast.

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